How it Works

You send me (e-mail to barbara@artisan-review.com)

  1. from 25 to 100 pages of your submission-format manuscript (double-spaced, approximately 250 words per page) in a Word/Pages, PDF, or plain-text file, or your published e-book

  2. $1.00 per page submitted (enter pages as "description" and $ total through the button below)

  3. and your questions to be addressed (Is it publishable? What kind of editor should I hire? Would you agent/publish/buy it?).

I send you

  1. candid answers to your questions

  2. and a numbered report of the problems I've seen, up to one major problem for each page you submitted (I stop reading when I reach that number).

You can use my opinions and suggestions any way you like, and you can ask me to clarify. But I won't pay attention to arguments about how I'm wrong. If it seemed to me to need attention, there's a good reason for you to look at it.

Quality Control for Independent Publishers and Writers Wondering What to Do Next

What will you get?

27-page start of a biographical novel.pdf

5-page crime short start.pdf*

11-page draft for episodic novel.pdf*

Kindle sample nonfiction self-help book.pdf

*Shorter submissions from my critique group.

What do they say?

"I look forward to rewriting per your suggestions."

"While your reaction didn’t make me happy,     I am impressed with its honesty."

"Thanks for your

great feedback.

I wish I had it earlier."

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Who am I to say?

Across a career of more than 35 years, I've been a writer, developmental edi-tor, proofreader, copyeditor, copy-writer, production editor, speechwriter, and book reviewer, winning awards in corporate settings and contributing to book and magazine publishers of nearly every size.

A managing editor once dubbed me "nitpicker in chief," though I've never been about rules. For me it's always and only communication.

You can read some of my own work from my main page at the link below.

Privacy Policy?

I will guard your intellectual property as carefully as I do my own. Period.

Barbara Kellam-Scott